For those who despair of finding something worth reading in newspapers and journals carnned with the jargon-laden and often barely comprehensible effusions of overpaid, narcissistic ‘insider’ political pundits, inane celebrity-watching, advertising disguised as ‘lifestyle’ advice and the endless torrent of hyperbole for those who imagine sport is important, here is something that will more than fill the gap.

Longform is a website which carries links to an eclectic mix of long articles on a myriad subjects, some up-to-the-minute, some from as long ago as 1926 (a fascinating insight from The Atlantic into the grubby practices of newspaper reporting in that era — how little has changed).

And instead of being selected by an algorithm, the articles are curated by human beings who have an obvious passion for good writing.

Articles can be saved for later reading via services such as Instapaper. But beware — it’s addictive.