sharyn munroAustralian writer Sharyn Munro has become a convert to eBooks.

She lives in her wildlife sanctuary on a remote mountain top in the wilds of New South Wales, many miles away from the nearest bookshop along roads that are more like training ranges for tanks.

And like many writers, she can’t always afford to buy as many books as she’d like.

All writers are book addicts and they crave the physical presence and influence of books.

She didn’t think eBooks were for her—until she came across a collection of short stories by another Australian writer, Rachael Treasure.

The conversion was rather prompt, as she says in her review of Treasure’s Tales:

As a lover of the physical fact of books—their weight and feel, their look and smell, and their cumulative presence as they cover my walls—I have not been in favour of eBooks.

But I have just downloaded my first eBook, a collection of short stories by Rachael Treasure, and appropriately called Treasure’s Tales. It seems I had forgotten that what’s inside the book is after all the greatest pleasure.

As a keen short story writer and reader, I think this is a lovely collection of a writer’s progression, with finely observed details so that characters and settings are vividly real.

The stories themselves are surprising, quirky, perceptive, funny or moving, and whether set in rural or urban Australia, their human truths are universal. I thought the personal intro to each one was a great idea too.

The good plain prose makes them very accessible, as does this instant and inexpensive e-method of delivery from writer to reader. Terrific for isolated bushies like me. I can now see there’s a place for both types of publishing.

The A4 format means I’ll store Treasure’s Tales vertically, as I do magazines, and I won’t be re-reading them in bed—but I’ll certainly be re-reading them!

Sharyn Munro is the author of The Woman on the Mountain, reviewed by Knocklofty here and which can be ordered from your bookshop or from the publishers, Exisle.

Visit her beautifully written website.

And if you’d like to try your first eBook, you can buy Treasure’s Tales here.